Friday, March 27, 2015

for posterity

If there is one thing you need when you have a baby, more than a great carrier, a particular swaddle blanket, bottle, pacifier or toy, you need to do a photo shoot. Scratch that, as many photo shoots as you can possibly afford/make time for/manage while your kids are young.

And, if you're local, I suggest Pamela take them. (You can click over there to see more from our shoot, if you wanna.)

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

let's call him charlie

Let's call him Charlie (a serious contender on our list that didn't quite make the cut), for blog purposes.

He is almost 7 weeks old (where does the time go?). He is gaining weight fast, like his sister did. He looks so much like her.

It's amazing the things you can tell about a baby this young already - not that those qualities won't change as they age but for now, for instance, homeboy loves to hold someone's hand. He's fascinated by his sister. When he wants his diaper changed, he means RIGHT NOW. He likes to look at our polka dot comforter. He hates the bottle. He has sucked his fingers literally since the night he was born. He sleeps (and dreams and giggles) with his eyes wide open which makes him look a little possessed and a lot adorable. He is NOT a great sleeper.

It's not easy to dress the tallest baby on earth but we are managing. At 4 weeks we opened up the 6-9 month box and they seem to reach over the diaper ok though we'll have to fatten him up a little more if he ever hopes to fill them out. He is only just beginning to get the soft buttery rolls that my babies specialize in.

He is beginning to smile, mostly at his dad and he loves the bath.

Already I am so grateful for what he brings to our family. we're so glad he's here.

Friday, March 20, 2015


This weekend we're powering through. On Saturday Pamela graciously offered to take a few pictures of our new guy and some friends are coming to visit/meet him for the first time. Sunday we're headed to a birthday party all together and then our usual afternoon split: I take the littlest to a mom's group and Olive and Papa go to swim lessons. I'm hoping that somewhere in there we can squeeze in a viewing of Cinderella. I've heard great things!

And now for your clicking pleasure...

// I once walked home from KINDERGAREN by MYSELF when my parents were late to pick me up (I was a very confident 5 year old). good thing no one sent them to jail...

// "we try to pretend that good parents (especially mothers) enjoy every minute of parenting. this, I firmly believe, is a mysogynistic tool used to oppress women. this is to keep them from questioning the unequal burden that motherhood places on them."

(and maybe this is all you need ALL the time?

// 10 words every girl and woman should know - I think most women think these phrases in their heads but don't actually say them, and men need to hear them! but may I suggest that delivering them in as funny a manner as possible will help someone notice when he's being insensitive/overbearing/rude without making him feel shitty since he was likely raised NOT to notice that behavior.

// 45 pounds to lose. better start working out...

// spring

// and in other shoe news, I was pumped to discover a pair of the best shoes old navy ever made on kidizen in olive's size. that place is a straight up treasure trove, I'm telling you.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

olive turns 4

This past weekend we had a birthday party for our 4 (!) year old and tired as I am from being up every couple hours round the clock, it was great to see so many people we love all in one place. I appreciate this time when the kids are still little and their birthdays are like mini weddings - big parties where we get to see all our friends (and they get to see all their friends) all at one time.

It was particularly special to have a day that was just hers. The party happened to fall on Grandma's birthday and she kept saying, "it is NOT grandma's birthday, it's MY birthday" (sorry, mom!). 

There are so many things I want to remember about this age. It feels at once that she is a baby and an adult - capable of really complex thought and brave independence but also completely shattered by normal disappointments and sometimes so overwhelmed by her emotions that she can barely function. Quite like a teenager, I suppose!

Olive is incredibly loving with her brother (and with us). She likes to pretend she is getting married and is so excited for our upcoming summer weddings. She likes to practice ballet (and dress as a ballerina even when she is not in ballet class). She loves chocolate, ice cream, gummies and TV. She gets herself ready in the morning and almost always chooses a dress. She introduces herself to everyone and S and I have gotten used to scanning the room (coffee shop/waiting room/etc.) to make sure all the people she's chatting up actually want to talk to her. For the most part people are receptive.

Olive is conflicted about whether she really wants to grow out her hair or not, a helpful sous chef in the kitchen and the smallest of her peers. She is caring, defiant, inclusive, careful and so funny. She's such a rule follower. She still likes to sleep with a grown up and is obsessed with getting a bunk bed to have friends for sleepovers. She is chatty, sensitive and beautiful. I can't believe she is already four!

Thanks so much to everyone who came! Happy Birthday to my eldest!

All photos by my friend Pamela - mama, photographer extraordinaire and Charlotte Gainsbourg lookalike, don't you think?

2 and more 2


// great article on drinking while breastfeeding

// surprise! i'm a "millennial mom" (I feel so young!) - are you? Do you agree with these findings? Related: is there a perfect age to have kids? 

// Screen time: scarcity vs. abundance model. Please weigh in!

// YES
(because bronzer = life)

// simple but surprisingly delicious (we added bacon, duh.) 

Friday, March 6, 2015

odds and ends: baby edition

Olive never not once ever had a diaper rash so when the little guy broke out with a nasty one after only a week I tried a few different things but this cream fixed him right up in just a couple days.

YouTube for kids. I'm a fan.

We love love love Blue Apron. And they've given me some free meals to give away? Could they get any better? Would you like to try them? Email me and I'll send you a free meal.

Kidizen is also amazing. I've made $500 so far - and that's AFTER saving all the most special baby things for Olive when she's bigger with babes of her own and for my friends who still have babes to come. How did our parents do it without all these awesome tools?

For those of you who can wear underwire in the early stages of nursing, I'm envious. For the rest of us, I swear, this is the best crossover nursing bra around. 

Goodbye pregnancy, goodbye glowing, sort of oily skin. The combination of the postpartum hormone shift and having the heat on high 24 hrs a day (I like a naked baby) has made me finally feel the dry, itchy skin of winter. Though I love Tata for daytime, I needed something for night and coconut oil served me well last night. (it also cleared up the baby's acne in two days flat. it really is sort of miraculous.)

Olive's been talking about a bunk bed for months and since she sleeps with us, we figured she wouldn't be able to kill herself in her sleep on one if we got it for her birthday. It's more like a jungle gym/fort than a bed. My mom picked this one out and I can't wait to surprise her with it.