Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We went to California for the weekend! And we just had the best time was what we did. Olive's first flight and our first big trip as a family went off without a hitch (excepting for when I forgot Spartacus' contacts and his suit. He went to church with Maria Schriver and all the Kennedys, you see, and in a tshirt. Oh well.)

I found that everyone was quite generous and kind about us flying with a child. On the way there we sat with a whole team of rugby players, all loudly joking and laughing in the back of the plane, which was pretty much the same as watching Newsies in real life, so Zooz was pleased. On the way back they let me carry her (sleeping) in my arms through the screening machine and when I went to pay for her snack pack on the plane, the flight attendant said, "It's a gift from me! She's been so good this whole time." On the way home, Olive asked if we were all going to fly on a plane tomorrow and after the way it went I kinda thought, why not?

Dear Miss Molly and John are both great, thanks for asking. John's got a bit of a cold, but that didn't stop him from being the best uncle he could be (especially at Disneyland) and Molly graciously chauffeured us everywhere. She had to say goodbye while Olive slept when she dropped us at the airport and when O woke up she opened her eyes, looked around and declared, "Hey! Where's MOLLY!?!"

We did one each of all the LA stuff - a day of Disneyland, a day of beach and a half day at The Grove being tourists. Every night we got some delicious something-or-other and brought it back to our Air BnB with our friends for family dinner (and wiggly toddler activities unsuitable for a restaurant). 

I had one celebrity sighting. One early morning I rode a bike rental down to Dogtown Coffee to pick up these salted caramel iced coffees for everyone (Molly and I are trying to make the nickname "Salty Dog" take off for these delectable treats) and I passed the guy who plays Nick on New Girl getting gas. I was wearing my pajamas and the bike was way too small for me which made me feel like a clown but I smiled at him anyway. He didn't see me, as he was unattractively squinting into the sun with his mouth open. I'm still prett-tty excited about it.

Big shout out to Katie who lent us a baby carrier - the other important thing I couldn't believe I forgot. Really saved us. Olive took a nap every day (ardent non-napper though she may be at home). It was a lot of new, exciting, overwhelming stuff and she mostly held it tougher but 25 minutes into Disneyland she looked around and said, sort of off-handedly, "Can we go home? I just wanna lay down and watch a little YouTube."

Thanks for having us, California. We like you and your sunshine a whole lot. See you soon.

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Monday, April 21, 2014


Olive + Mama: We had an easy flight to LA and basked in sunshine all weekend. It's special and important and so so fun to get out of our routine and just do fun stuff together as a family. I feel refreshed as a parent and a person and you are so proud of all your new experiences (disneyland! almost drowning in the ocean! burying papa in the sand!)

Monday, April 14, 2014

party time

A very belated joint birthday party with Olive, Spartacus and all our favorite people. The gem of my entire week.

Thanks so much to everyone who came and to Spartacus for planning and executing the whole shebang.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


// fascinating photo essay of children from around the world surrounded by their most prized possessions 

// this lady is The Word on potty learning, if you ask me, and you can listen to her talk all about potty-ing here (for free!)

Me, elsewhere:
+ Project 333 has begun again and you can find my first collection on Courtney's site.
+ You can find an old recipe here.

Friday, April 11, 2014


Olive: I gave you a major haircut yesterday out on the front porch. We collected the hair to put in your birdhouse. I love seeing your whole, round face and all of your neck. 

Mama: bare legs and goosebumps. stealing every moment of sunshine i can find.