Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Charlie: 3 months

Well. What to say about this peanut. And by peanut I mean blimp. That's not fair, he actually weighs less than his sister did at this age but since he's so much longer (and giant-headed) he sure feels large. He reminds me of a puppy with giant paws and I expect he'll grow up to be quite tall.

He likes to be carried in a wrap only. No ring slings or ergos for him. He is sensitive - to noise, smell, temperature. He likes music and dancing.

He has no interest in rolling over but is intent, so intent on reaching for things, shoving both hands into his mouth and watching the dog.

Now that his tummy has settled he sleeps pretty well at night. I know it will change all the time but right now he goes to bed between &:30-8:30 and sleeps until 1:30-2:30, then eats around 4 or 5 and gets up for the day around 7. Sometimes he only wakes up once. Unlike Olive, when he wakes up at night to nurse and doesn't cry or fuss, just sort of shimmies toward me and calmly starts licking my arm. It's adorable and funny and a much nicer way to be woken up than the whining/wailing his sister used to do.

But, she sure kicks his ass in the daytime pleasantness department. There is still a lot of a crying. A lot. But he is also starting to smile and blow bubbles and he really likes talking. He talks all the time and expects someone will talk back (we hear about it if we don't).

He has been a big adjustment for our family but we are enjoying him more every day.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

clickables 048

// making movies, raising children. you know, it's all the same. (ask more questions)

// oooohhhh, being late.

// aaaaahahaha! "will you put your coat on?'ll die of hypothermia right here at the will feel like you're getting sleepy for nap time but you'll actually be getting sleepy for dying."

// it's actually annoying how well these work

// religions that make the most babies in chart form

// being a mom (especially of two) is great and hard

// most babies are born at this time of day (but not me or either of my babies - you?)

We're in the thick of it this weekend because Sean is sick. Whenever stuff just really goes down in life I am always astounded at how many people offer to help and how some way or another, the slack gets picked up. Thank you so much Alicia, Eileen, Pamela and everyone else who has done a Hazel shift or a load of dishes or whatever. I appreciate you so much.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

the great t-shirt review of 2015

My wardrobe is in constant flux. I lose on average 2 pounds a week (50 down, 30 to go!!) as my baby weight turns into my baby's weight and as I shrink, so do my clothes. But, with 30 pounds difference between pre-pregnancy and now, I'm still a long way (probably at least 2 seasons) from getting back into my regular clothes.

As such, I've been in the market for a few transitional t-shirts. While my standard size is medium, I (and my boobs especially) are currently in need of larges. So, I figured now would be a good time to do a review of the ones I've tried out. Especially in the spring: whether they're peeking out from under a blazer, making a base layer for an open plaid or chambray button up or on their own paired with shorts and sandals, t-shirts are truly essential. As Shoshanna Shapiro says, "A tshirt, A TSHIRT says who you are to the world." Serious business, you guys.

My gorgeous friend Sonia graciously modeled a bunch of tees (featuring a tiny fraction of her extensive jewelry collection) so you could see them in action. Thanks, lady.

pros: The PRICE. Everlane's whole thing is ethical manufacturing and "radical transparency" where they break down their costs and tell you what their profit is. They never have sales, but that's because everything is priced appropriately all the time. The material is soft, the cut is sophisticated (no cheap, boxy shape or uneven seams). I haven't washed mine over and over again yet, but the quality seems high. I love that they have shots of each piece on real people (procured from instagram) so you can see everything on different bodies and one of my favorite things: they note the model's height and size which helps immensely when internet-shopping.

cons: Speaking of size, the sizes are small. The large (the largest size they make in the vneck tee), pictured above, doesn't fit me. My boobs will shrink significantly in the next 6 months, so I'll gladly keep it around for later, but it's definitely not a generous cut.

overall: I love the shirt, I love the price, I want to support the company. But, they don't make the shirt in my size, which is kind of a big problem. I'll save my large for when I'm a little less large. (The slouchy short sleeve sweatshirt, on the other hand, I love and it fits right now.)

pros: I guess one pro of anything from Old Navy is that that stuff is always on sale. I got a few different tees for between $9-12 each and you usually needn't wait more than a week if you find yourself between sales. Unlike Everlane, above, this thing is HUGE. It's a "boyfriend" cut and I also got a tall just to see what that meant to them, since I'm 5'10" and could almost always use a little extra length. But it's more dress length than shirt. Fine by me. Just know you could probably size down and it will still fit.

cons: With anything this cheap and mass produced, you have to know the manufacturing isn't very ethical and neither is it made to last. It's also a little scratchy.

overall: For such a tiny investment, why not? 

Old Navy Tulip Hem Tee (sold out but the tanks are still available) $10ish

pros: Sooooooft with a pretty tulip detail.

cons: Can hang sort of funny from the front as the hem on each side comes up so high. This is highlighted in pictures but probably wouldn't be an issue in the movement of real life.

overall: This one was actually Sonia's favorite and in a large, fit her very tunic-like, less tee. I never would have thought to pair it with her awesome mini, but I think it looks great this way.

pros: I love the slightly sheer material on this shirt and the shorter sleeves.  The price is really not that bad especially considering frequent sales and Madewell's 15% student/teacher in-store discount.

cons: It's very thin, which makes it comfortable but also sheer, which I know isn't everyone's cup of tea.

overall: As you can see, it's very similar to the Everlane tee (without a pocket), so if the price point matters, Everlane's a great alternative. This one comes in many many more colors.

(cameo by me because this one didn't arrive in time for sonia's shoot)

pros: Everything from alternative apparel is divine, if you ask me. Soft, luxurious materials come in perfect cuts that just look good on. This is no different. Super light and smooth, the best word I can think of to describe it's texture is slinky.

cons: It's sorta expensive...

overall: But worth it.

pros: This thing is unbelievably soft and only gets better with washing + drying. I wear one to bed every night. The higher price point makes sense for this lovely material.

cons: They have quite a bit of stretch but, like Everlane, the larges are pretty small and they'll shrink in the dryer. These, however, unlike Everlane, come in Xlarge, so a roomier/slouchy fit is an option. Keep in mind that it won't keep it's shape in any way.

overall: You might not fill your closet with these, due to the price, but if you wait for a sale (which, like Old Navy, happen all the time), you could probably swing a couple if you ended up really loving them, which I certainly do.


madewell vneck slub pocket tee / alternative apparel kimber burnout shirt

/honorable mentions/

James Perse shirts are incredible but insanely priced. I have just one I found at a thrift store where I had credit and it's beautiful, but I can't in good conscious recommend $100 tshirts to anyone. sorry, james.

+ I have one of Madewell's old linen scoop neck tees and that thing has a drape to die for. It's sort of heavy and cut like a dream and I'd buy 100 more but they don't seem to have the exact same one anymore. I really don't think you can go wrong with a Madewell linen tee of any kind.

+ American Apparel Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck ($24) is unisex which makes sizing really tricky and I highly recommend trying them on in the store. But I love mine and they really hold up to a lot of washing. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

a time warp just for me

This post is here exclusively to look back on later. I couldn't help some side-by-sides of the past 3 months. (WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?) I got Olive's baby book out and though my hazy memories of her infant hood brought to mind a very different picture than our everyday with Charlie, I was struck by just how diametrically opposed they are. I don't even have pictures of them in the same position at the same age, so distinct are their temperaments and development.

They track nearly ounce for ounce at every age, though he doesn't look as fat since he's taller. The baldness is an obvious difference ;)

I love their matching forehead birthmarks. They are slightly different shapes and colors but make them look so related. One thing that surprises me is how definitely gendered they appear, especially in contrast. Maybe it's just me but I think even as babies she looks like a girl and him a boy.

His features are rounder, her fingers are shorter, but they have the same nose and eyebrows. I think he looks more like me and she looks more like Spartacus. What strikes me above all else is that you can tell without having seen them in person that she is calmer, happier and just more settled and comfortable in her body. In the photos she lounges around - equally happy being held, laying on her back or practicing tummy time. By this point she had already rolled over, was pushing up on her arms and laughing, none of which he does yet. He's pretty contained in a sling most of the time and on his back he lays still, maybe with some leg kicking but makes no move to turn. He is still working out digestion and nursing and so he's not as free to explore but man, they couldn't be more different personality-wise.

And thus completes my exercising the cardinal sin of sibling comparison! I am THE WORST.

And just for fun:

Can you tell I was a much smaller baby at birth?

I wonder who she gets her hair from?

I'm always fascinated by parents who make two completely different looking kids (I mean different hair/eye color?! amazing…), which I suppose is more likely if the parents look different. Spartacus and I could totally be siblings in height, weight and coloring. How did your kids shake out? Do they look like you? Your partner? Each other?

Friday, May 8, 2015

clickables 047

artwork by Alicia

// buzzfeed or no, this was one of my favorite parenting articles from this year

// cool! see the top songs, Oscar winners, etc from the year you were born. (prince's when doves cry was one of the top songs, Reagan was president and minimum wage was $3.35/hr the year I was born.)

// why all children pronounce "mama" the same way, no matter what language they speak

// loving reading this (now all archive) blog on minimalist fashion

// I think I'll need this for our flight to LA in November. and while we're on travel with kids, this. yes.

// the top baby names of 2014 (Emma's number 1 again)

// I've been waiting for a Solly Baby in a color I like and NAVY SHIBORI was just released!!! WITH MOM'S DAY SALE CODE. holy...

Tonight we completely failed to submit passport paperwork for the kids, then took them to dinner where they both screamed until we left. In happier news, we are immensely proud of Alicia, who's graduation ceremony we'll go to tomorrow morning. Now hire her!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mamas - those with human children, dogs, plants or dreams of babies. I'll think of all of you this weekend.

Have a good one.