Sunday, July 20, 2014


// WHAT. if anyone's looking to invest...

// amazing photos, amazing blog

// postpartum care by latonya

// this is all really genius

// this made me cry


// looking forward to this movie, and this one was a big hit with both olive and me

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Friday, July 18, 2014


olive: swim class is right after the old lady exercise class and she loves chatting them up in the shower. they all know her name and she thinks they all know her grandma (who also loves to swim).

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Wouldn't you know it, this guy went and stole my hat. For permanent. It's been my Summer hat for years and this month he took it over. Oh well, I was in search of something floppier anyway.

Beginning 3-year-old classes, having the opportunity to sit back and just observe your own kid versus participating with them is a whole new level. Dance class is sweet, of course, but swim class has been the crowning glory. Olive has fun going swimming with us every Sunday but is steadfast about staying on the wall, both arms firmly attached to the "rail" (side of the pool) and then proclaiming, "I'm swimming! I'm swimming!". After just one class, her teacher had her jumping back and forth between the wall and the platform they bring out for little guys. She swam with him in circles on her front and back and even jumped in the water once from the side. I watched her look him up and down, deciding whether she was going to get on board every time her asked her to do something new but she always went for it and I just sat there beaming.

The chin is healing up nicely, kids are like magic - how fast they come back together after a big cut like that. I'm impressed and a little jealous. (And I have a post coming up about what we're using on the scar.)

Date night a couple weeks ago we saw the sweetest little movie, Chef. We both loved it and it was a mostly clean, very charming story. Jon favreau wrote, directed and starred and he researched the crap out of kitchen culture to make an authentic, entertaining family movie. I recommend it.

Tried my first stitch fix and, whoa. Now I see why I could never have a stylist. So bad. So so bad. Has anyone else liked what they got?

Friday, July 11, 2014


olive: thrilled when i pointed out she has two pairs of shoes the same aside from their color. now it's one brown, one blue every day. 

Monday, July 7, 2014


olive: spending most afternoons in the pool in the backyard with a popsicle in hand. this is the first week i've had to take photos on purpose - i simply didn't have any from last week. thanks, 52 project.