Thursday, May 28, 2015

spring capsule/333

A friend and I were recently talking about garbage - like candy, like Real Housewives, like pictures of your clothes. That stuff is garbage, sure. But the thing about garbage is that it's also kind of important. When I have gotten through bedtime - 2 hours of 2 children crying and I am exhausted and I need to unwind, I LOVE drinking a beer and reading blog posts like this because they have no substance. They go down easy. The balance is essential.

We have some heavy stuff at my house and it's heavy private stuff so in lieu of writing about it here, I've decided to produce the fluffy, insignificant, fun kind of post that I would like to read right about now. And I'm on a roll - there's one coming up on baby gear, too. It's easier to talk about stuff than feelings at the moment. Plus, maybe you are in search of a diaper bag or a pair of sandals and this will help you out. Disclaimer complete! Read on if you wanna!

I haven't done one of these in a while and for good reason. I didn't have anywhere NEAR 33 things to wear when I was pregnant and immediately postpartum it was all nakedness and pjs. Life in bed, you know. Easy access to boobs.

But now that I am beginning to resemble a real human woman again (not the just-had-a-baby pants-less blob I was), I'm taking stock of what's on my hangers and trying to be a little deliberate about the Spring collection.

While I've loved the process of narrowing down to 33 items for the past couple years, I find I really require much less than that. I usually do juuust fine between 25-30 and this round has been no different.

+ 1 bar necklace (local!)

+ 7 short sleeved sweatshirt

(I had just one pair or jeans for a couple months but released when I needed to attend a graduation that I probably shouldn't do it in pants with holes in them, so I got a pair of black ones to  get me through. Down one more size, too! #53down27togo)

(These Hasbeens were a gift from Spartacus. I cannot believe how gorgeous the patina in this "natural" shade has become in just 6 months. Here's a really lovely, high quality and much more affordable option.)

(I will wear this thing til the day I die.)

+ 12 bracelet (on sale)

+ 13 studs

+ 14 geometric ring (local!)

+ 15 white vneck tee (on sale)
(Read the review here.)

+ 17 grey tee (on sale!)
(Sol Angeles "Le Weekend" is the best graphic tshirt and I wait until they go on sale at Anthropologie before usually buying two. You can also find them on Shopbop.)

+ 18 striped hoodie
(Mine was old navy and they don't carry it anymore. This is similar.)

+ 20 black chelsea rain boots (on sale!)
(Mine are not Hunters but I can't find them online.)

+ 21 grey backpack (diaper bag)
(I don't count my other diaper bag because it never leaves the stroller.)

+ 23 grey tee

(I also love these ones!)

(My leather bag is Forestbound, hand made in New England by Alice. I love supporting women owned small businesses and love her whole shop but the Madewell transport tote would be a less expensive alternative - though not as sturdy or well made, in my most humble opinion.)

(The perfect layering piece - it's open and breezy with cropped sleeves but also sort of heavy so over a tshirt it's perfect for cooler mornings.)

(not pictured)

+28 extra graphic tee

+29 sunglasses

17 + 24 + 5 + 19

1 + 14 + 15 + 26 + 8 + 10

11 + 6 + 22 + 9

12 + 25 + 8 + 4 + 16 + 3

This Spring has been very sunny and I'm transitional size-wise so I skipped a jacket. When Summer is officially here I will swap in one dress and swap out all the shoes except the birkenstocks (and with the addition of saltwaters) - I don't dig a sweaty toe.

I don't count nursing tanks in the official total because I think of them as underwear but I have extended my minimalist program to those as well. I have a few comfy cotton crossover bras and one "real" bra. I have one pair of lounging pants and one bathing suit. One is enough in many many areas.

And that's it until the end of June! (With occasional tweaks and swaps.) I'd love to see your capsule - please link it in the comments if you like.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Seattle Spotlight: sundance cinema

There are two movie theaters within biking/walking distance of my house and they're both great. Small, independent and equally charming, I frequent both. HOWEVER, the Sundance theatre (formerly the Metro) is really an extraordinary venue and the only one of it's kind in Seattle. I can't help but sing it's praises.

Let me explain.

Let's start out and work our way in. Parking. There's a lot and it's not free but subsidized, so you pay just $2 any time of day and you do it at the ticket counter. You can add it on to your price right on your card so no need for cash (like there used to be).

Concessions include popcorn, candy and soda but also sandwiches, little artisan pizzas, chicken wings, salads and BOOZE!! For this reason you can't bring children and must remember your ID but let me tell you how luxurious it is to skip out of work (work in an office, work with children, work in college, whatever) and go to a midweek matinee with a beer. Or a tiny bottle of wine. Heaven.

You can reserve specific seats when you buy your ticket, so you can be assured you get to sit with a friend or in the quadrant you like but every theatre is tiny so all the seats are good (and huge and cushy and reclining and have cup holders and tiny tables)!

I feel old saying this but remember when there weren't any TV commercials at movie theaters? Back in the day it was just a few previews for other movies and that was it. Now it's 20 minutes of car commercials and behind the scenes of TV shows you've never seen. None here! 

But my favorite part is that the crowd has changed dramatically as a result of the new ownership and redesign.  Because of it's proximity to the university district, it used to be one of the noisiest, most raucous places to catch a movie because of all the loud frat boys and very demonstrable young couples in love. Now it's almost exclusively old people ready to day drink and it's very chill.

So, best place to see a movie (outside of downtown - that's The Big Picture). Check it out.

Monday, May 25, 2015


"Winter" in Seattle is temperate, gloomy, grey and rainy. It goes from October-June and it requires a mid-way getaway.

The sun has been shining and this Spring feels particularly spectacular in contrast to my pregnant winter (Spartacus calls it the winter of my discontent). Olive has the outdoors to play in which puts her in a lovely mood all the time. We sleep under a light blanket, hang the wash on the line out back and the coffee gets iced

School will be over in a couple weeks and I'm excited for the long, unstructured days of Summer. Olive has a lot of different camps and I plan on taking her and Charlie to the beach or the wading pool every day after I pick her up.

This month on YFH I'll be doing a Spring/postpartum project 333, a baby gear review, a Seattle Spotlight on my favorite movie theatre, some stuff on traveling with kids and part two of skincare about makeup. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

clickables 049

// no way!!!

// what kids say they want on vacation

// going to make olive some special roll-on bravery/no-worry/settling essential oil blend

// marie kondo part II

// Bekah's ethical, high quality shop just got a bunch of new stock. (Kids stuff, house goods - gorgeous.) I have bean bags, a chopping block and an apron from AWTB and am so impressed with the craftsmanship. 

Happy long weekend!! We had a few brunches, my PEPS group ladies introduced all the kids and husbands at a family friendly brewery and Olive had her first outdoor pool swim class. Sean was in the hospital last weekend so we all desperately need some chill out family time. I'm so relieved it's the weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Charlie: 3 months

Well. What to say about this peanut. And by peanut I mean blimp. That's not fair, he actually weighs less than his sister did at this age but since he's so much longer (and giant-headed) he sure feels large. He reminds me of a puppy with giant paws and I expect he'll grow up to be quite tall.

He likes to be carried in a wrap only. No ring slings or ergos for him. He is sensitive - to noise, smell, temperature. He likes music and dancing.

He has no interest in rolling over but is intent, so intent on reaching for things, shoving both hands into his mouth and watching the dog.

Now that his tummy has settled he sleeps pretty well at night. I know it will change all the time but right now he goes to bed between &:30-8:30 and sleeps until 1:30-2:30, then eats around 4 or 5 and gets up for the day around 7. Sometimes he only wakes up once. Unlike Olive, when he wakes up at night to nurse and doesn't cry or fuss, just sort of shimmies toward me and calmly starts licking my arm. It's adorable and funny and a much nicer way to be woken up than the whining/wailing his sister used to do.

But, she sure kicks his ass in the daytime pleasantness department. There is still a lot of a crying. A lot. But he is also starting to smile and blow bubbles and he really likes talking. He talks all the time and expects someone will talk back (we hear about it if we don't).

He has been a big adjustment for our family but we are enjoying him more every day.