Friday, July 3, 2015

clickables 052

// let's start things off right. here's the adorable Jenny slate dancing her pants off after adding "poop", "pee" and "lice" to her mom's shopping list. (p.s. she's a grown up.)

// a scientific look at the power of play

// this was palm-to-forehead WONDERFUL 
via cup of jo

// discriminating against the child based on whether they were born vaginally or not? a kindergarten form wants to know the student's method of delivery
via mother

// 17 ways to hold a baby ("stinky nappy for me", "stinky nappy for you", "the double Jesus")

// olive may not be a middle child but she sure is up to some mischief these days, like poet is. somehow reading about an Australian troublemaker is so much more adorable. apparently their sassing is "back-chatting"!

// how your birth order may effect your relationship

// Courtney, of babyccino, is traveling the world for a year with her husband and 4 children. here she explains the how and why. (this really had me thinking about the best ways to soak up the relatively unstructured time we have in this last summer before every-day-school and the last year before all-day-kindergarten.)

// I just got olive + Charlie their first pair of matching outfits! yessss.

welp. olive and spartacus went on a big adventure - a three day boat trip. we've been facetime-ing and he's sending me pictures all day but man, do I miss them! 

uncle john is visiting! I hope we'll go swimming today (even our air conditioning can't handle this heat wave) and tomorrow we'll pick up some bbq and walk down to gasworks park to watch the fireworks. 
hope everyone has a fun, safe holiday weekend!

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

she says (part VI)

Olive: "what does evasive mean?"
Me: "where'd you hear that word?"
Olive: "I just made it up!"

In the bathroom:
"Hey, don't flush yet! We're gonna do a flush-and-run. You flush, I'll run."

Crying/wailing/freaking out:
"Mom….MOM! I've got...the goosebumps."
Still crying:
"But, what ARE goosebumps?"

Singing along to Let It Go:
(One thought crystallizes like an icy blast)
"One thought: Christoff is a lazy ass."

(I'm never going back, the past is in the past)
"I'm never going back, the pastor's into past."


"Bears like Antarctica but bugs like southarctica."


Olive: "The girl orangutan at the zoo hurt her arm."
Me: "Oh no - how do you think that happened?"
Olive: "Well. She was probably playing orangutan golf or something and then another monkey stepped on her leg and she fell down and hurt her arm."


"I love Charlie so much! I can't WAIT for him to die and then for me to die so we can go live in heaven together." 

And courtesy of the carpool this morning:

"My grandmas are dead. They died while I was in the forest. I miss them."

"We bought a new house. It's a bit old. Sort of new too. It's ok."


all k's become t's so lipstick is "litstick", pyramid is "pyramint", shark is "shart" (!)

Your turn! Let's try to cover allll the speech impediments if possible :)

Monday, June 29, 2015

how to: make a baby wrap into a sling

Here! Something useful! 

Lots of folks have asked me recently about using woven wraps and on the hip is one of my favorites for 4 month olds up to 2 year olds. Little ones LOVE to be close but also get a good look around and this hold is perfect for that. 

Below: a step by step on wrapping your woven as a sling.

Please forgive the glaring noon-time sun. We were sitting around and the spirit moved us. At noon.

Most woven wraps will place their tag right in the middle to make the middle easier to find. You can see mine here on the right. Locate the middle of your wrap and fold it in half lengthwise.

Bunch up the middle.

Place the fold over one shoulder, creating a loop.

Reach behind and bring one of the tails forward. Leave the other hanging back there.

Loop the tail through the fold at your shoulder.

Spread out the material on the side you'll place the baby - opposite the shoulder you're holding the loop on.

Grab your baby!

Put both feet all the way through the side panel.

Stretch the material out around their body - from bottom to shoulders, sort of tucked in under each knee.

Spread it out real good.

Tighten the sling and secure your baby by pulling the top edge of material through the loop and down toward your feet.

Next, pull that tail back down toward your baby's bottom, tucking it under their knee.

Take the other tail back along the part of the sling that's behind you and tuck it under that knee.

One side will be short and stay here, under baby's bottom, the other will continue to wrap around the front.

Wrap it all the way around. It should be on or near your waist. Lower and you'll really feel the weight in your back.

And back to meet the other, under baby's bottom.

 Cross and tie them under baby's bottom, doing a quick jump and tighten one last time to keep everyone safe and secure.

All set. Don't forget to pull your shirt down!

Everything should feel snug enough to completely let go of your baby and not have them move at all. Proceed with life! Amazing!

If you are practicing this or any other hold and need help, I'm happy to take your questions in the comments. This particular wrap is a storchenwiege but there are many different woven wraps - girasol, didymos, etc. This is not an appropriate hold to use with a stretchy wrap (like any Moby type style) and of course, you should only wrap with a healthy, full term baby who has no physical special needs that would preclude them from sitting in this position.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

clickables 051

this really spoke to me: the nice to nag ratio (and the really helpful link in there "what to do when you fall out of like with your kid")

babies, one day young

FINALLY, an eye roll

can't keep my nose out of this book

finally made this! yum. adding to the (short) list of things that are really worth making yourself

this is great and my spin on it is to have heads of the departments of your life. for example, Molly's the head of health and wellness, Maggee of art direction and design (and cool music and nostalgia), Spartacus does legal matters, etc. outsource what you can outsource.


It's the return of the mile count - trying to keep myself accountable. 14 (walking) miles this week. It was too hot for more and I only started counting on Tuesday but I'm shooting for at least 20 next week.

It is HOT. Anyone know about the water quality at Greenlake? We just got back from swim lessons at the pool - wishing we'd stayed in a little longer but a nap was calling! Spartacus and Olive went to see Inside Out this afternoon and then she's sleeping over at grandma's and you know what that means. No, early bedtime! Get your mind out of the gutter. Tomorrow I'll sneak out early for donuts and then I have my first postpartum shift since Henry was born. Wish S luck!

What are you up to this weekend?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

walking. woo hoo!

Once, long ago, I was in a yoga cult. It's true. I worked at the studio in exchange for free classes. I practiced every day - usually the 2 hour long 7am class. Sometimes I practiced twice a day (I had a lot of free time after freaking out and quitting my teaching position mid-year).

I could stand on my head and do any number of straight up human pretzel moves. I had a six pack. I was probably a full inch and a half taller.

I'm glad I did that while I could. I'm sure the constant strengthening, hip opening and focus prepared me expertly for birth. I also have this (unproven) theory that the most in shape you get, you'll always be able to return to if you really try, no matter what.

Sometimes I think about how I felt (and, let's be real, also what I looked like) back in the Yoga Queen days and then I look in the mirror and I'm just like. (insert dead faced emoji here)

Finding time/energy/transportation to make any kind of regular exercise happen with two kids in tow is a logistical nightmare. Truly. I hate the gym but Charlie is too young for childcare there anyway. Organized classes are expensive, especially when you take into account travel time and the added childcare cost. When I have a babysitter for both of them (which is rare), I spend that precious time working. My boobs are still way too sensitive (queen of plugged ducts right here) and huge for running in the neighborhood. I love to bike commute but Charlie's too little for a helmet and we don't have any equipment that accommodates a lanky 4 year old AND an entire infant car seat behind my awesome bike.

It's not impossible, it's just tricky. It doesn't happen on its own.

So you know what I've embraced? good old fashioned walking. Walking is low impact, kid friendly exercise that doubles as a way to get places and if we're going to pay extra to live in this gorgeous, urban neighborhood we might as well use it, especially in the summer.

It feels good! Yesterday, instead of automatically getting in the car to drive the 2 miles to the Zoo for camp, we loaded up the stroller and walked it. We stopped along the way for sushi and had a picnic and a quick nursing session. We picked up some library books we had on hold. I got a giant iced tea for the walk back. This morning I woke up a little sore and high on fresh air. It's not going to be it forever but it sure is helpful for now.