Tuesday, October 21, 2014

23 weeks

I really cannot believe those cheeks...

Craving: apples and processed meat (bacon, salami, sausage). mmm, salt.

This baby is really trying to kill me. I am still sick. Last week I threw up 3 times, once on the floor. the thing about being a grown up who doesn't quite make it to the bathroom is that afterward you have to clean up after yourself. My mantra is: just get it done. I know how long it lasts and I just have to get to the end. And while the bad days are bad, in general, it's much better.

BUT!!!!! S and I went to breakfast this week and when the server came around he looked at him to ask about coffee but not at me. S said yes and he brought us two. (I wouldn't have ordered any.) But it just sat there, getting cold, and I figured, what the hell, I'll give it a try. I drank maybe 1/2 a cup, but it stayed down! And man, when you haven't had coffee in almost 6 months and then you do? I felt like superwoman. I was ready to hulk style break out of my shirt and lift a car off an infant. Coffee. The stuff of life, I'm telling you.

I wake up every morning at 4am, on the nose. Sometimes I can go back to sleep, sometimes I can't. I have a feeling this may be a reliable nursing time.

Boy, this baby is different. He's moving around: flipping, kicking, hiccuping, moving all the time. I used to feel Olive most mornings and every evening and not a ton in between (she stayed asleep all day in the same way once she was born). I feel this baby squirm and wiggle constantly, even when I am walking around.

Weight gain: 22 pounds. Whoop, there it is! It doesn't seem right that I gained 6 pounds in 3.5 weeks, but I did, so. My feet are pretty swollen, so I'm gonna give a little to water weight. I guess? (insert grimace emoji here) I'm also going to make a note to myself about the fact that I can eat now, and that is a win even if it means I'm getting bigger.

Just get it done, right?

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Monday, October 20, 2014


olive: in heaven with her cousins at a pumpkin patch. i hope i never forget when her hair was this color.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

boy clothes

Ok. I had no idea how thin and tragic it was for boys in the sartorial department these days. After going through all our infant clothes and weeding out the stuff that was just too girly to put on a boy (borderline items made the cut. purple, for example, is fine by me on a boy), there were a few holes that needed filling. Sleepers, for example. I think newborns should wear a short sleeved onesies, a sleep gown and a swaddle at night and a long sleeved onesies with footed sleeper during the day. Taking into account umbilical stumps, diaper changes, temperature needs and the season, I think these combinations are the easiest and most comfortable for everyone involved.

Once babies start to sit up, I like soft, slim leggings that don't get in the way and onesies under long sleeved shirts or warm wool sweaters.

However, I've been looking for sleepers and onuses etc. and the amount of ugly is nearly unbearable. I find myself in the rare position of looking to new instead of my trusty thrift stores to keep his soon-to-be wardrobe bearable.

long sleeved onesie // sleeper // hat // binky (or "chewy" as olive calls them)

leggings // super soft sweater // super warm booties // teether

Monday, October 13, 2014


Sunday, October 12, 2014


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"Raising a child here seems to be guided by theories. You're either doing attachment parenting or Ferberizing/Cry It Out, etc. In practice, I think everyone is a bit in-between but the books seem to encourage divisions among parents, especially moms."

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