Monday, April 21, 2014


Olive + Mama: We had an easy flight to LA and basked in sunshine all weekend. It's special and important and so so fun to get out of our routine and just do fun stuff together as a family. I feel refreshed as a parent and a person and you are so proud of all your new experiences (disneyland! almost drowning in the ocean! burying papa in the sand!)

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Monday, April 14, 2014

party time

A very belated joint birthday party with Olive, Spartacus and all our favorite people. The gem of my entire week.

Thanks so much to everyone who came and to Spartacus for planning and executing the whole shebang.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


// fascinating photo essay of children from around the world surrounded by their most prized possessions 

// this lady is The Word on potty learning, if you ask me, and you can listen to her talk all about potty-ing here (for free!)

Me, elsewhere:
+ Project 333 has begun again and you can find my first collection on Courtney's site.
+ You can find an old recipe here.

Friday, April 11, 2014


Olive: I gave you a major haircut yesterday out on the front porch. We collected the hair to put in your birdhouse. I love seeing your whole, round face and all of your neck. 

Mama: bare legs and goosebumps. stealing every moment of sunshine i can find.

Monday, April 7, 2014

break time

The strangest thing has happened which is that as we're finally really very close to the nursing off-switch, I have lost 5-7 pounds without changing anything else. I remember a wise mama friend telling me the same thing happened to her and I think that's the only reason I caught it. 

Describing the ways in which I have been (/one is) physically transformed by being pregnant and then not pregnant and then nursing (maybe for a very. long. time.) felt impossible until now. I can set down the facts: 80+ pounds did what that does to my skin. Vomiting every single day for nearly a year did what that does to my teeth. Nursing on demand for 3 years did what that does to my boobs. Carrying a child many times a day, all around, no matter what, in various devices as well as my own two arms has done what that does to my back. My hair and skin have changed texture. But the internal shift and the constant flux that comes with coming into myself as a parent have been hard for me to capture and certainly not a simple task to share in words, though I have tried, right here, over the past few years. It happened much faster than I could keep up with and somehow, in one huge revolution, I'm suddenly back to "normal" (at least size/hormone-wise) and I recognize myself for the first time in four years. You guys, there are SO MANY different sizes of jeans in my basement!!

This whole weaning business has returned my body to some semblance if it's former self and it's also lent me a little perspective on other things. My new shape and my project 333 experiment have me insistent on having 3 pairs of PERFECT jeans (would you believe? my favorites are high waisted and cheap - BDG high rise cigarette fit me like a glove and are on sale!) I have been carefully combing through my capsule wardrobe for anything that doesn't thrill me to be packed up and put away. I am completely over stripes and earrings. You won't find either anywhere in my bedroom.

With this homecoming-to-myself (and with hardly anything fitting me properly), and commitment to editing, I'm taking stock of other areas: I've opened my postpartum schedule to overnights and have a four hour Saturday morning class to carve out time for (biology! I can't wait.) We're taking our first family trip on a plane in a couple weeks and Summer is coming! I feel very busy in real life and, for the first time in a while, less able to keep up here.

I've decided to take a step back from daily posting and will pursue other writing opportunities when I am able. I know no one will perish in my absence but some of you come here every day and I didn't want to disappear without saying anything. I will post less often to take time to think about what I want this blog to be: something a little more thematic? Purposeful? If you have any preferences, please speak up. Now's the time.

I'll keep up the 52 Project which I will post on Fridays (and, in fact, now more than ever I am grateful for a project that ties me to weekly portraits of Olive as I am seeing her less often), but I'm not sure what else. If you have favorites or other things you'd like me to write on, let me know. And I'll keep you posted on what's coming next.

Thanks for reading.